LCBO Alerts

Occasionally, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) will put a whisky on sale at a temporarily reduced price. Less frequently, they will ‘de-list’ an item which means that they will not longer carry it as part of their inventory. Both of the these situations results in better pricing, the latter much more so that the former because they are actively trying to clear out their remaining bottles. This is where I post alerts related to these opportunities.

For readers in Ontario, the LCBO does have an inter-store transfer service, just speak with the manager of the store you wish to collect the bottle(s). They are usually happy to oblige although rumours persist that the transfers are at the discretion of the manager. I have not been able to verify this but in cases where the staff are not very helpful (store location withheld as I still want to keep in their good books), I have found that calling the LCBO information/help line has yielded excellent results where face-to-face did not.

September 8, 2015

LCBO has de-listed many, if not all, of the Compass Box line of exceptional vatted and blended whiskies. The pick of the litter right now is Spice Tree which is being cleared out for the absurdly low price of $39.99 CAD (compare with ~$65US in various places in the US). This whisky is rated 92 by Michael Jackson, and 94 by Drink Distiller. There is currently 1 bottle remaining at the Bay & Bloor store in Toronto.  Spice Tree’s little brother, Oak Cross, is also de-listed but the inventory is still around 200 bottles so there hasn’t been any significant price reduction yet. There will be soon and I will post it here when it happens.

October 20,2015

Still waiting for Compass Box’s Oak Cross to go on deep discount. It’s delisted but the inventory is still over 150 bottles. In the meantime they apparently found a single bottle of Spice Tree at one of the Thunder Bay LCBO outlets. $CAD 39.95 is a steal for this excellent vatted whisky.

Also, for a few weeks Woodford Reserve bourbon is discounted from $47.95 to $44.95. Not a huge discount, but if you need a bourbon to round out the non-scotch whisky side of the bar, you’d be hard pressed to find a better bottle at this price point.

Rather than post these alerts in a separate page that won’t appear in a reader, I will instead now post these alerts here on my main page.

February 18, 2016

LCBO is clearing out its remaining stock of Breizh Breton Blended Whisky produced at Warengham Distillery in France.

This whisky is 50% malt and 50% grain and has been reviewed well by Whisky Magazine , scoring a pair of 84’s. I can’t personally speak to the quality of the whisky but at the reduced LCBO price of $CAD 29.95, it is definitely an intriguing bottle. I can’t find the original LCBO selling price but Master of Malt has it listed for $US 43.84 for comparison. Only 64 bottles remaining in the province as of today.

As a reminder, the LCBO will do inter-store transfers if there is none available at your local store.




Happy foraging!


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