LCBO Alert: Jameson Whisky Makers Series

Released in Canada early last year, the Jameson Whiskey Makers Series included three releases: Jameson The Cooper’s Croze, Jameson The Blender’s Dog, and Jameson The Distiller’s Safe, each referring to an item specific to the making of whiskey. The blender’s ‘dog’ in question is not of the four-legged mascot type but rather a small container at the end of a chain that a blender uses to extract a sample from a cask. While I digress, the cooper’s ‘croze’ is a tool used to cut the groove at the end of barrel that secures the head, and the distiller’s ‘safe’ is a small clear box where the distillate emerges from the final still.

Each of the releases appeared on LCBO shelves in the $90-$10 range last year, pretty much in line with US and EU prices. Now though, the price on each has dropped by half and they all can be found in significant numbers across the province for $44. Inventory counts today (July 16) show about 40 bottles of Blender’s Dog, about 100 of Cooper’s Croze, and 200+ of Distiller’s Safe.

Not having tasted any of these releases, I can’t personally attest to the quality of the spirit but they are all well reviewed and, I expect, would make a welcome addition to the shelves of any collector of Irish whiskey, or anyone curious about Irish whiskey beyond the entry level Jameson, Bushmill and Tullimore.

Grab these while they last, the price is clearly set to move the remaining bottles. Enjoy.

Happy foraging!





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Whisky Forager

I collect whisky. I like good prices for whisky. Living in Toronto doesn’t often allow for both but I'm lucky enough to travel a lot for work. I get to shop around for whisky and I want to share the good buying opportunities that I come across. That’s the premise. I’m not writing about tasting or grading whisky, there’s plenty of other sources for those opinions. I just want to share opportune finds for quality bottles at below market prices. A couple of years ago after discovering a pricing discrepancy at LCBO that provided a few deeply discounted bottles for my collection, I realized that there are lots of opportunities to purchase good single malts at a discount price. And not just outside of Canada but also sometimes in Ontario. It may be hard to believe, but the LCBO can be your ally just as often as it’s your nemesis. This is not a commercial site, I only share my finds based on my own opinions of good prices and good bottles.

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